Foto: Flo Hagena

64032 Steps - 25 hours - Tiger and Turtle - backwards

The José Carreras Gala 2022 in the ARD-Mediathek (video available: until 07.01.2023 ∙ 12:01 am). From 2:49:30 you can see my contribution!




20,000 EURO

 New Year Reception 2023 in Birkenfeld


A donation sum of 1000 euros was collected! 

Many thanks to the many donors!

Foto: Gerhard Schmitt | Verdiente und ehrenamtlich engagierte Bürgerinnen und Bürger wurden von der Gemeinde Birkenfeld beim Neujahrsempfang geehrt.

"Around 200 citizens accepted the invitation of the city administration to the New Year's Reception 2023 in the Egerbachhalle in Birkenfeld. It was the first time that the event was held again after a three-year break. It was clear to all the guests how important the personal encounter in the village community is to them (09.01.2023, Gerhard Schmitt, Mainpost)." 


A big thank you goes to the Birkenfeld community association, especially to Mayor Achim Müller, who made it possible for me as guest of honour to collect donations for leukaemia research. Thank you very much! I am thrilled!!!



I say "THANK YOU" to the many donors on site in Duisburg and to my sponsors!


A few days have passed, the 368 laps of the Tiger and Turtle are hardly noticeable and yet, in retrospect, what happened in Duisburg is very moving. In the run-up to the event, companies were once again found to support this great campaign under the motto "IchFürDich" (I am for you) by the Jose Carreras Leukaemia Foundation. The company Arrow ECS GmbH -, for which I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for over 12 years. The company Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH -, which I support as a graphic designer. The company Lindemann audio -, for the highest musical enjoyment. From the Black Forest the company OCO-Gase with their great products sodaO and sodaO-Biogen -, who have supported me for years in every social project. Thank you very much! Without the insane social willingness of these companies to help others, many things would not work! 


And last but not least, the many donors on site in Duisburg at Tiger and Turtle. Thank you so much for the warm words, the applause and the many donations. My team and I were moved to tears.


Once again I have to emphasise the support of some people in Duisburg. Once Mr. Hesselmann from the Hotel Am Sportpark - Thank you for the great breakfast, the rooms, the encouraging words and the generous donation. Nice that you were there again with your wife on Sunday. The world's best coffee man. He provided us with free coffee and tea! Watch out, he is at the Tiger and Turtle almost every Saturday and Sunday! Please support him, he is there with heart and soul! And not to forget a woman from Duisburg (name unknown) who supplied us with coffee at 5:30 in the morning! How great is that becausennn!!!!


To date, over 20.000 Euros have been raised for research against leukaemia. We are super proud of this, but would like to point out once again that every euro counts. By sending an SMS with the number 81190 and the keyword "blood cancer", 5 Euros will go to the foundation. Of course you can also donate to the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation.

Donation account: Commerzbank AG Munich / IBAN: DE96 7008 0000 0319 9666 01 / BIC: DRESDEFF700

Donate "Donation Tiger & Turtle"!

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Fotos: Andreas Lurz und Elisa Dubrau



The DJCLS fundraising and participation campaign


"For 28 years, the TV benefit show "Jose Carreras Gala" has been the highlight of DJCLS to raise funds against leukaemia and malignant related diseases and to give courage to those affected. Now, in 2022, we are additionally taking the show from TV to the internet and starting to showcase a wide variety of campaigns 14 weeks before the Gala (Jose Carreras Foundation, 2022)!"


I would be delighted to mention you as a sponsor of this fantastic event. 

Donation possibilities

  • SMS donation Kennwort „Blutkrebs“ an die 81190 and donate 5 Euro
    (19 % of which will be deducted as a service fee)
  • José Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung e.V.
    Spendenkonto: Commerzbank AG München / IBAN: DE96 7008 0000 0319 9666 01 / BIC: DRESDEFF700
    Intended use „Spende Tiger & Turtle“

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