About me
Hello, my name is Carsten Neder. As a world record holder in the 24-hour reverse stair climb, I have not only scaled physical heights, but also broken mental barriers. My experiences as an extreme athlete and my commitment to charitable causes have taught me that true strength comes from within and is nourished by perseverance, courage and a firm belief in the seemingly impossible.

What I offer
I offer inspirational speeches designed to encourage motivation and team spirit. My goal is to move people to recognize and overcome their own limitations. By describing my own challenges and successes, I want to ignite the spark in every listener that is necessary to achieve great goals.

Topics and content

  • The Power of Goal Setting: How to set seemingly unattainable goals and achieve them one step at a time.
  • Overcoming obstacles: Learning to see setbacks as part of success.
  • Resilience in everyday life and at work: developing strategies to remain consistent and focused under pressure.
  • Teamwork and leadership: What companies can learn from extreme sports.
  • Social commitment and leadership: The link between personal goals and social responsibility.

For whom?

  • Companies: Increase the motivation and productivity of your teams through customized motivational workshops (e.g. outdoor).
  • Associations and clubs: Inspire your members to pursue common goals with renewed energy.
  • Schools and educational institutions: Empower youth through presentations that promote self-confidence and determination.

Booking and contact

Interested? I look forward to making your event an unforgettable experience. For booking inquiries, you can reach me by e-mail via my contact form or by phone on 0151 16153470. Let's break new ground together and shape the future!

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